A little about us

Who we are?

Study International is an internationally recognized education and migration consultancy, and we do take pride in providing an expert, experienced counselling, and admission advice, and we try our best in meeting our client’s requirements, which is the reason why thousands of students have shown their faith in our counselling and assessments, and there are many students who choose SI every year to assist them in realizing their potential and goals regarding their Australian education.

SI is Operating in central Sydney since 2005, and it has seen a growth through the years, and with the team of ambitious and qualified staff it has been expanding its offices across major cities in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal; most recently in Malaysia and Pakistan.

In recent past year, with the increase in influx of international students coming to Australia has resulted in a paradigm shift of attaining knowledge and expertise from developing countries to Australia.

SI promotes and represents the most reputable institutions and universities and colleges in Australia, and it has successfully emplaced thousands of students, both from offshore and onshore, in the top Australian institution. The directors and owners of the company have played an essential role in the development of the industry thereby establishing a network of relationships SI will continue to grow in the future.

Why Choose

Study International

  • SI possess over a decade experience in providing Consultancy Services within the Industry.
  • We discuss your “Whole-of-life” education experience with you and help you achieve your long term educational goal.
  • We offer a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in Australia than any other education adviser.
  • We offer advice and free enrolment services for a full range of education opportunities including Universities, TAFEs, Private Colleges and Schools.
  • We give visa mock interview. We will have visa practice test to assess whether the applicant can pass or not. As there are three for making a visa, we hold three times practice exercises.
  • SI helps student to find and get scholarships.
  • Extensive Office network which is expanded not just nationally (Sydney & Adelaide) but internationally (Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Pakistan).




SI Established

SI was established in Sydney and started providing education consultancy to the International Students in its initial phase.


SI Achieved

SI achieved a benchmark of recruiting 500 International Students within its first year since the start and was also received an acknowledgement from different Institutions as a Certified Student Recruitment Agency. 


Top Achiever Agent

Another benchmark was set by reaching an international student recruitment count of 1000 students since 2005; Also received an award for being a Top Achiever Agent by Sydney International College.


Bangladesh & India

SI took its business to another level by expanding itself in Overseas (Bangladesh & India) to serve our International Clients seeking consultancy regarding studies in Australia.


Recruitment Agent

SI became one of the few qualified student recruitment agent at the time, with having recognition from number of well known educational institution from all over Australia.


Migration Services

SI introduced a new domain in its services i.e. Migration Services.


Migration Services

Served up to 500 Clients in order to get them migrated to Australia.


SI Expanded

SI expanded its international services to Malaysia and Indonesia, offering Australian Education and Migration Consultancy services.


SI Expanded to Pakistan

SI further expanded its international services to Pakistan, offering Australian Education and Migration Consultancy services.


Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement:

  • Study International’s Mission Statement declares our purpose as a service providing and recruitment agency.
  • Study International’s mission is to serve our clients to build and develop approach towards suitable and sustainable pathway in regards to their migration or education concerns; and to provide assistance in such regards.

Vision Statement:
Our aim is to be:

  • Known for professional attitude towards doing business.
  • Known for high quality outcomes.
  • Known for being one of the top companies within the industry.


  • Respected
  • Trusted Advisors
  • Experts
  • Flexible
  • Experienced




Syed Manzoorul Islam

Educationist & Writer
Chief Adviser, Study International (BD) Ltd

Mahfuz Ahmed

Actor & Director
Chairman, Study International (BD) Ltd

Mazharul Islam

CEO, Anyaprokash
Managing Director, Study International (BD) Ltd

Sirajul Kabir Chowdhury

Managing Editor Anyadin
Director, Study International (BD) Ltd

Ashraf Haq

Director, Australian Institute of Science & Technology
Vice-Chairman, Study International (BD) Ltd