Best Job Sectorsin Canada

Certain subjects will easily get you jobs in Canada, and potentially land you with a PR

Canada’s economy is highly reliant on, and comprised of, foreign nationals and immigrants. That is an excellent bit of information for international students looking to migrate to Canada, or even just simply seeking to work there temporarily for the experience. We’ve compiled and listed some of the more popular and in-demands fields of study in Canada that could ultimately lead to finding employment there.


The healthcare industry is a major part of Canada, and the demand for registered nurses is expected to grow exponentially over the next half decade. Studying a subject related to healthcare, especially nursing, can lead to easy employment in Canada and possible permanent residence.

Software development and engineering

Canadian universities, specifically The University of Waterloo, have a knack for producing outstanding software engineers and tech experts, most of who eventually go on to work for Google, Microsoft and the likes. Moreover, this is a relatively new industry and that means fresh job openings and opportunities are being created every day.

Accounting and financial management

This sector in Canada has a massive unemployment rate. If you’re qualified, jobs are widely available in this field. Moreover if you’re an international student who is multilingual and holds knowledge of foreign finance, then becoming a financial manager is sure to provide you with a career that is high paying and international in scope.

Sales and marketing

Sales is an important part of every single business in the world. In Canada, being a sales rep is extremely sought after at the moment as it pays quite highly. For junior positions in this sector, you can expect to earn CAD $52,000 to $62,000 per year.

Skilled work

Vocational courses and training can and will get you very far in Canada; the country has always suffered from a lack of skilled personnel in construction, manufacturing, transportation and service. While jobs in this sector might not provide you with an office, the monetary compensation will more than make up for it.

Counselling, psychology and social work

Currently, this sector has an unemployment rate lower than most, meaning good news for potential applicants. According to statistics, in the next half decade, there is sure to be more jobs in this field than people looking to get employed. Moreover, the salary for these jobs are increasing faster than most industries making a job in this sector very appealing.


The animation industry in Canada is a lucrative one, however unlikely it may sound. Digital entertainment has never been more popular than it is in this day and age. Sheridan College is one of those schools that boasts a high percentage of grads who go on to work for animation heavyweights like Disney and Pixar. Banff Center for the Arts is another such institution.