International Students Work Part timein Canada

Canadian student visa permits international students to work up to 20 hours a week.

Working part time while studying in Canada, or any foreign country for that matter, can be a very rewarding experience. You get to learn about the country’s culture, meet new and exciting people, and best of all you get to earn some extra cash while you’re at it. In the case of Canada, if you have plans to apply for a permanent residence (PR), the job experience will earn you major points during the process.

The Canadian student visa permits you to work 20 hours per week by default, unless specifically stated otherwise. Nonetheless, many students choose to work for 12 – 16 hours a week, especially those studying high intensity or difficult courses. Typically, part time work by the hour and the average rate is CAD $10 per hour. It is important to note, when an international student wants off-campus work, they are required to apply for an off-campus work permit once six months of study has been completed.

However, if your goal is to only gain work experience, for instance, helping professors out with research, then you won’t be required to adhere to the limit set by your student visa. You will be paid a lot less for engaging in this kind of on-campus academic work and you can work well beyond the set hours.

Finding part time work is quite easy too. Almost all universities and colleges will have notice boards with advertisements of on-campus job vacancies. The university or college websites should also be convey information about similar openings.

For off-campus jobs, students usually look into nearby cafes, stores, bookstores, clothing stores, etc. Canada is multicultural, thus, multilingual students end up finding jobs as translators. There are countless opportunities for students who look for part time work in Canada.