Costs of Living in Australia for International Students

Learn about the expenses you should expect to incur when studying in Australia as an international student.

Costs and Expenses

When one travels to Australia to pursue higher studies, the intention is to utilize the world class education from one of the top educational institutions internationally. Moreover, there is also the promise of very high living standards. However, fantastic education combined with a better than standard lifestyle does not come cheap – financially speaking, of course. While there are those among us who don’t need to worry about such trivial matters as money, for the rest though, we have compiled a general breakdown of what to expect when it comes down to expenditures.

The major concern for international students is the tuition fee. Although the tuition you’ll need to pay depends entirely upon the university or college, and the course, a rough range you should expect is AU $30,000 – $75,000 per year.

The other big expense that international students need to bear is the rent for accommodation. Obviously, this one is reliant entirely on the location and city. And whether you choose on-campus accommodation or off-campus housing the potential range to be expected is between AU $200 to $400 per week.

Other than the big two, you’ll have to bear a bunch more basic costs. The following are a rough estimation of expected monthly expenses:

Average Monthly Expenses in AUD
Transport pass 100
Food and groceries 250
Entertainment 200
Estimated total gross 550


Nonetheless, it’s not all spending either. Australian Immigration Laws are very supportive of students working while studying. Though rules are subject to variations, a student is typically permitted work up to 40 weeks a year. Whatever the kind of work you land yourself, you can expect to earn the minimum wage at the very least, which amounts to AU $17 per hour.