International Students’ Living Costs inThe United Kingdom

Just like everywhere else, the tuition fee and living costs are entirely dependent upon where you end up going to study and where you will be living. Due to significant differences in both going from university to university and city to city, it is quite a challenge when it comes to predicting the how much one must expect to spend. However, our rough estimates will present a range of these costs to give you an idea of what to expect.

With a numerous universities offering a vast range of study and course options to pick from the tuition fees too range from very high to moderate. For undergraduate courses, international students on average can expect tuition fees in the following range according to subject area:

  • Clinical and Medical Subjects: £23,000 – £26,000
  • Engineering and Sciences: £10,200 – £13,800
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: £9,000 – £10,800

For postgraduate courses students may expect the diverse range of £8,100 – £33,100 across all subject areas and universities.

In addition to the tuition fee, the other major expense students need to bear is the rent for accommodation during their stay in the UK. Whether you opt to live in on-campus accommodation or off-campus ones you should expect the rent to be between £150 – £400 per week, and that too including most bills. In case, bills are not included in the rent you should keep in mind a budget of around £100 per month. We have compiled a list of costs you may have to bear every month during your stay, although keep in mind that this is only a rough estimation:

Monthly Costs in GBP
Rent £450
Food £200
Utility £60
Internet £40
Mobile phone £30
Laundry £25
Stationery and text books £40
Clothing £75
Bus fares £45 for a 4-week travel card
Movie ticket £9
Dinner at restaurant £15
Total £989 per month

It goes without saying, but you must be able to produce evidence showing you have the tuition fee and a year’s worth of living expenses when applying for a visa.