Popular Sectors of Employment in Australia

Take a look at the most in-demand job sectors of coming days in Australia

When it comes to immigration, Australia is one of the more prevalent choices beside Canada. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, the laws are friendly and there is an upward demand of skilled workers. Moreover, the education in Australia is excellent and paves the way for graduates who become accustomed to the lifestyle there. For students who are about to apply if staying back is a plan or a possibility, then it is very important to know which job sectors are in steady of professionals. Making decisions regarding which course to enroll in based on this is guaranteed to give students a better for permanent residence.

We’ve compiled a list of the job sectors in Australia that are facing steady growth and an increase in demand for employees.

  1. Education

With a growth spurt in the population and no end to this trend, the demand for education and education givers has also risen. So if you’re planning on getting a degree related to teaching or education, that’s good news, as this industry is expected to keep growing. Primary school teachers and language teachers are the most in-demand at the moment. And if you’re unsure about what to do for your postgraduate studies, be sure to check Masters in Education as it is sure to open up many doors for you.

  1. Healthcare

Like most developed countries, Australia has quite a large population of ageing people. And adding to that the increasing progressions and breakthroughs in medical science and technologies, there is a rise in the demand for medical and healthcare professionals. If you aspire to be a doctor or would like to pursue a different line in healthcare services, then Australia sure is the right place for you to pursue your higher studies. However, it is important to keep in mind medical studies and courses in Australia are comparatively expensive and last for 5 years approximately.

  1. Architecture and Construction

According to experts, this sector is supposed to grow by 10 percent by 2020, opening up more jobs for skilled individuals. There is an increase in demand for architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers and interior designers, as well as stonemasons, electricians and plumbers. Basically, there has never been a better time to be an engineering or an architecture student in Australia, or pursue any studies related to construction for that matter. It would be amiss, if we didn’t also mention that more construction equals a higher demand for project managers as well – meaning qualified MBA professionals. So, maybe look into those Australian MBA schools too, alongside the Architecture and Engineering schools.

  1. Information and Communication Technology

It is not just in Australia, but there is a rise in demand for Telecommunications and IT professionals everywhere due to the immense digitization of everything worldwide. The forecasted growth of this sector is steady and it isn’t likely to stop. Therefore, students looking to get an engineering degrees in communications and IT are almost guaranteed to find relevant employment in Australia.

All in all, other than the sectors discussed above, there are many more fields of study that are sure to get students and graduates employment opportunities in Australia.